Nov 11, 2012

OOTD: Beautiful Fall

Even though Fall is not my favorite season, I do love the colors it brings. Yellow, orange, red, it all looks so warm and cozy. Today was a perfect Fall day, with lots of sunshine and a nice scenery. I took this beautiful day as an opportunity to wear my new military studded jacket from Asos Curve, which I absolutely love. I ordered it as soon as I saw it online! Glad I did, cause it sold out real quick! For those that missed out, I did read on their Facebook page that although this one probably won't be restocked, they will have similar styles coming soon. And always keep an eye out cause sometimes a few (I guess returned) pop back in stock! I'm also very pleased with my new shoes! I was really lusting over the Isabel Marant Bekket sneaker but coincidentally found these great look-a-likes instead while browsing shops in the city. They are really comfortable and are also real leather and suede, and that for 79,95 instead of 395! I just couldn't pass up on this deal.

Enjoy your day lovelies,

Military jacket with studs - Asos Curve|| Shirt - New Look|| Matt leggings - Asos Curve|| Wedge sneakers - Orizonte|| Necklace - New Look

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  1. I can only approve of this outfit because I posted almost the same one a few days ago! lol That jacket is so amazing. Really happy with ASOS Curve for the moment!

    1. Oh, I just saw it, how funny! :) Yes I really love the jacket, the only thing is that it's a little to big on the arms.. I'm really happy with ASOS Curve too!

  2. Very cute coat and wedge sneakers!!!

    Carsedra of:

  3. Molto carina la giacca (: Reb, xoxo.
    *Nuovo post sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  4. Fly girl! I love it!. I swear you live in my fashion mind! lol

  5. Omg I love you shoes so much.


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