Apr 3, 2014

Wear it your way!

This time a slightly different outfit post! Fellow blogger and gorgeous plus model (you might have seen her pretty face floating around
 on the internet) Marianne a.k.a. Molly Mimi had this fun idea to pick an item that we would both style our own way. So here are the results,
1 silver jacket, 2 women!

Here is what Marianne had to say on her outfit: "Surprisingly, given my love for black, I pretty much went in the opposite direction. I was drawn to the idea of combining the silver with a bold colour. I also like the contrast between the "classic" cut of the blazer, and the "futuristic" feel of the material, and I wanted to keep that contrast in my outfit. So a classic dress in a bold colour, a classic clutch in funky silver and a nice little belt in neon pink. And I rolled up the sleeves, to give the classic blazer a younger feel (okay, and to hide that the sleeves are a bit too short for my gorilla arms)." Find Marianne's blog here.

Dress - Vintage||Accessories - Primark||Blazer - c/o Yoek

As for me, this blazer is a stand out piece and I wanted to keep the rest simple. I'm fond of colors but I also love 'clean' looks. I "popped my collar" for a more youthful look and added the silver/black heels a perfect addition to the metallic theme!

Blazer - c/o Yoek||Shirt - New Look||Leggings - Asos Curve||Heels - Dorothy Perkins||Necklace - Swarovski

A great thing that Marianne pointed out is that we both wear the same size. Yet, our bodies look totally different. Also something
to show that size is just a label and nothing more. Stick to what you love, wear it and OWN it! :)

Marianne is sooo perfectly tall, I felt so tiny next to her! :)

A special thanks to Arno Nieuwhof Photography for the photos and Yoek for providing their product.




  1. I love them both, the fuschia dress is great, but so is the stand up collar over the white & black.

  2. Beautiful girls!


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