Oct 24, 2014

Anything for fashion?

Getting used to colder weather always starts with me and the flu. As I'm typing this, I'm sitting here with a stuffy -and at the same time- runny nose, pain everywhere and enough ibuprofen and vaporub to last a year. That makes me feel even better about the fact that I made good use of my Autumn break by shooting some pics well in advance, 'cause my face right now? HOT. MESS.
Let's hope I'll feel better soon :)

While that same cold weather calls for more layering and covering up, I still don't always feel the need to cover up my legs. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I just thought this outfit looked better without tights. Anything for fashion aye? Hmmm maybe that's why I'm sick now.

Happy weekend everyone!

Blazer, Sweater and Skirt - c/o Zizzi||Necklace - New Look



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