Jan 17, 2015

Diversity is Key

Women come in all shapes and sizes. When thinking of plus sizes, people usually only take the "larger size" or "larger size clothes" into account. But also plus sizes come in different forms and shapes. When my fellow blogger Els received a comment that it was hard to identify with the Dutch/Belgian plus size bloggers because "none of us have a belly" or "we are slimmer" she was inspired to make this line-up in order to make it easier for women to see our differences and to give readers a better way of seeing which blogger might match their own body type. I think Els did a great job, thank you for this (read more for the full line-up)!

This chart also makes very clear what height and shape can do to your appearance: one may look slimmer than the other because of her height but wears the exact same size as someone that may look fuller because she's shorter. Proof once more that the label in your clothing means absolutely nothing, and you should not be limited by that. And that's why diversity is so important. We are all different and all beautiful. I don't mean to sound rude but I'm so sick and tired of comments that say "yeah, it looks great on you, but I can never pull that off". Why not? Because you have a belly? Yeah, me too. I know it's meant well but I would like to encourage those women to try and find what works for you and think out of the box a little. Experiment. Trust me, you will be surprised on what you can "pull off". Dare to wear!

P.S.: Just a quick US conversion for those wondering: I'm 5"7 and a US size 16-18.



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  1. I love the idea behind your post. It's not about the question thicker or thinner, belly or butt . Every woman is beautiful and should celebrate her body. Go your own way!


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