Jan 30, 2015

Curvy is Sexy| Berlin trip with Zizzi

Last week I was invited to visit Zizzi during the "Curvy is Sexy" fair in Berlin. As it was my first visit (to the fair as well as Berlin) I was very excited to go and preview Zizzi's new collection for AW15. I had an early flight and had to get up at 4.00 AM (!) in order to be ready on time. Hey, perfection takes time! :P

Luckily I did not have to travel alone, I was joined by fellow bloggers Iris, Els and Hermina (missing my buddy Nefferth!). After a short 1,5 hour flight, we arrived safely in Berlin. Since I'm kind of a cheapo and think that taxi's (at least in the Netherlands 'cause they're freakin expensive) are waste of my money we opted for public transportation to the hotel instead. It took a while, BUT! We eventually arrived. After a quick install session in our hotel rooms we left for the fair. There was a shuttle service available but little did we know THIS would be our ride! Awesome!

Just before getting in to our "fab cab" I realized I left my phone in my hotel room. A blogger, without her phone? As if! Luckily I did bring my camera with me. But ooh, I don't think I will be able to forget the nakedness and empty feeling I felt without my phone. Hence the lack of instagram pics while in Berlin. 

Anyhoo, upon our arrival at the fair we were welcomed at the Zizzi stand and after walking around a little, their blogger event started. We were presented some new styles for August and September and I immediately fell for the faux fur coat. Y'all know I luvvv me some fluff... They also had some other news, they collaborated once again with Femmes Regionales to design a line and this time it's the Zizzi Black label. I was pleasantly surprised. Each and every piece looked so stylish and classic! I will post the lookbook soon so you can see for yourself :)

Pretty much our mood all day :)
Some of my favorite styles for AW15
This shirt. Need it!

After the blogger event we were all escorted in Curvy limo's to restaurant Parker Bowles for a nice meal. And for desert? Clothes! Lots and lots of clothes! Zizzi knows how to make a girl happy ;)

Keep an eye out for new looks featuring some gems I got in Berlin.



  1. Estou loucaaaa, lindas peças!!

  2. There are the clothes, the funky shoes and the cool accessories, and tucked away somewhere in the accessories section are some Models Own nail polishes, Sunglass, sandal,handbag. At least, those are what I’ve seen so far.


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