Nov 23, 2015

Naughty be Nature

Ok, no lie. Lately, and especially today, the weather has been all over the place. It made it very hard for me to get new outfit pics taken and today, I literally opened my front door to step outside and was greeted with rain, only to have the sun shine in my face 15 minutes later, and then to be greeted by a hailstorm 30 minutes after that (luckily I took the pics in between storms :)). The sky went from grey to blue, over and over again. Which brings me to my next point: what the f&(* are you supposed to wear with nature acting up like this? I'll keep it real with you: no freaking clue. All I know, is that it needed to wear this lippie to brighten up my day, lol. It just happened to be that this vest was an excellent match :)

Style note: This vest is from H&M's teen line Divided. I got the L and it fits me perfectly, it's slightly oversized even (when wearing it open). Shows that it pays off to step out of your comfort zone and that the label in a piece of clothing says nothing ;)

Have a great week,

Vest - H&M Divided (similar)||Leggings - Asos Curve||Boots - c/o Yours Clothing||Lipstick - MAC Lady Danger



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