Aug 16, 2010

Review: Asos

First of all, sorry sorry sorry sorry for posting this review so late... I have no excuse...

Well, let's get started! (click the picture for a bigger image)

1. Asos Shoulder Pad Lace Bodycon Dress: I forgot to mention that I bought this dress in 'minty blue', because the black version was out of stock. I got this dress in a UK size 18. The dress is stretchy and comfy. It's made of this stretchy lace material and has an extra piece of fabric on the inside to prevent it from being all see trough. It also has shoulder pads. I do think the dress is a little short for me, so I'm not planning to wear this without a pair of leggings or some pantyhoses.

2. Asos Curve Woven Skater Skirt: I absolutely love this skirt! It's really lightweight and flowy. I got this skirt in a UK size 20. The skirt has an elastic band which makes it a perfect fit. I really love the lenght and color. It also has an extra piece of fabric sewed inside to prevent it from being see trough.

3. Asos 'Darling' Stretch Bracelet: This bracelet is so cute! Having said that I also have to admit that this bracelet is not a good choice if you have bigger wrists. Even though the bracelet is stretchy, it still is small. I think they could've added some more thread and pearls so it could fit everyone. I can just fit into it, and I understand that people don't want their jewelry to look like it's cutting off their blood-circulation... So yeah, it's nice but could've been better.

4. Asos Curve Linen Full Skirt: I'm sending back this skirt... I got it in a UK size 20 but it's too freakin' short! Asos is not to blame by the way, because the skirt looked just as short as it did on the website. But my personal experience with Asos Curve skirts is that they always look shorter on the model (I figured because they're taller than I am) than they really are on me. So I thought the same thing with this skirt... NOT. Maybe I'll exchange it for a bigger size so that I can pull it down a little. I couldn't even make a picture of the back of this skirt because my ass was showing, hahaha. Well, better luck next time.

Please note that all of these items were bought by me, I wasn't "sponsored" to do this (I wish! (^_^) ).
I will always state an honest opinion on everything I review.

If you have any requests, or if you would like me to do more reviews, just let me know and I will do my best. I plan on doing more reviews in the future. You can send me an email at



  1. so cute

  2. Love the skater skirt and the minty blue body con! I have a hard time figuring out if skirts from online stores are going to be too short or not. I love that ASOS lists the model height (or at least I think it's them right?) well, I'm 5'10" so everything on me is always short! :-/

  3. @Nikstar: Thanks! Yes that's true, Asos lists the model height, but not always so that's too bad. Maybe I should mention my height in my reviews in the future. I think it might be helpful to people too! Thanks for the idea! I'm like 5'6, 1m68.

    Wow girl, you got a nice height! Although I can also understand that is hard for you to try skirts from online stores because you're not short of the fit. Can I ask you, what is 'too short' for you? Do you mean literally short or just short in a way you don't feel comfortable anymore?

    xoxo Dionne

  4. That skirt is so pretty! Loving that corally color against your skin. And that bracelet is adorable!

    Lexy of BeautyFash

  5. Hi!
    I just found your blog and I love it! Following you :)

    Welcome to enjoy and follow at

    <3 Anika

  6. Hi sweatheart
    I Love your blog and the time you spend for it. Go girl you make me so proud.
    whit many love.

  7. I love it! I wanted that bracelet but it sold out :(. Check out my asos haul.


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