May 30, 2011

Change of ♥

I'm counting down the days, my 25th birthday is only 6 days away! But, I've had a little change of heart. I know I really wanted the Micheal Kors watch for my birthday but instead I asked my husband to save up that money for me. Reason? I have finally decided to buy my first Louis Vuitton bag. I've been wanting one forever but changed my mind every single time. But everytime it keeps haunting me and I still want one so badly.. So, I'm saving up all of my 'birthday cash' to buy one. Hope I'll get there soon, wish me luck, or make your donations here. Just kidding! But if you really can't help yourself, feel free ;-)

When I visited the Louis Vuitton store in Antwerp I decided to go for the Damier Azur Speedy 35. Gotta love it!


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  1. I my Louis Vuitton Noe over 5 jears now, and it NEVER gets old.

    Just remember: once you go "designer" it is hard to buy "other" bags.

    -X- Naomi


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