May 4, 2011

Mirror Mirror in my Purse...

As I was browsing the internet looking for goodies, I stumbled upon these cuties. They're make-up mirrors from a brand named Les Tai Tai. The nice thing about them - other then the cute designs, is that they have LED lights on the inside, so you can even 'touch up' in the dark!

There are a lot of designs to choose from, below the ones I liked best:

# 1: Good As Gold: £22.00
# 2: Portrait: £19.00
# 3: Tahiti Tahiti: £19.00
# 4: Lush Leopard: £19.00
# 5: Beau Bow: £19.00
# 6: Excuse Moi: £19.00
# 7: Jack: £19.00
# 8: Cobracabana: £19.00

All mirrors displayed (and more) are available at

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