Sep 8, 2013

NEON, N-E-ONE?: The NEON Peplum

I must admit, neon was not really my thing - read "was"-. But when fellow blogger Nefferth from Mode Plus alerted me to this neon peplum top during a quick shopping trip I was in love! I felt like matching it with another bold color, hence the electric blue heels (they are freaking sky high, I was almost taller than my husband! Lol). For a more comfortable look I wore some matching neon/black flats, which I coincidentally found in a box in the attic. How lucky was I?! I forgot all about them!

Don't you think it's so rewarding at times to find old goodies in your closet that can be of perfect use again? :)
Top - Monki||Leggings - Asos||Heels -||Neon & black flats - H&M (old)



  1. gorgeous I'm loving the neon and blue combo!

  2. Love this look, you look fab!! The neon peplum and those blues shoes are great!!!

    Carsedra McKoy:


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