Jan 27, 2014


As this was my first (but DEFINITELY not last!) visit to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, I was overly excited!
I attended the "Ready to Fish by ILJA" from Dutch designer Ilja Visser show. Model Yfke Sturm (former tv-host for Holland's Next Topmodel) opened the show, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the clean looks and the earth tones she used in the collection.
After the show, I even managed to get backstage to meet her in person! :)

*Catwalk pictures from VOGUE NL

Another show that I did not visit, but was definitely worth a mention, is that of Ratna Ho. This designer broke all barriers in the Dutch fashion scene and used plus size models alongside the "regular ones" (sorry, for lack of a better word). It's great to see that these plus size models weren't starring their "own plus size show" but that this was about diversity in women, using different types of models for the same collection, in the same show. I also saw an older model, which was great to see as well! Fun part, these pretty girls even opened the show! Big thumbs up to Ratna Ho! 
And yes, some of you may not regard these pretty ladies as plus sized, but fact is that this IS what "plus size" means in our fashion industry at the moment. Let's hope that will change too in the future. Next step: MORE diversity in sizes! But hey, this is a good way to start!

A few personal snapshots!

My outfit for the day
Together with Hilmar Mulder, editor in chief of Grazia Magazine and Cara Schiffelers, fashion director at Grazia Magazine
I felt like royalty! The Mercedes Benz pick-up service. For a couple of minutes, I had my own chauffeur! :)

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