Jun 6, 2014

The Help

"I said *coats*, not *commodes*!"

This post is not only movie inspired, it's also my birthday outfit. Yesterday I was blessed to add another year to my age, 25, AGAIN! :) I enjoyed it to the fullest, my day was filled with suprises, which included a mother-daughter breakfast and a spa pedicure. After I returned home I was suprised with the best present ever: a complete photo studio right at my house! I love my family so much, they mean everything to me! So once again, I would like to thank my husband, mini me, my parents and aunts and unckles for this helluva gift! (I will share some pics of my birthday in a seperate post.)

Although I don't show it often on the blog, I'm very into the retro/pin up style. I bought this beautiful floral dress and when I saw The Help I just had to recreate this look. But ehmmm, my dress is prettier, of course!

Side note: For those of you who are curious (I am a UK18/20 and US 16), I got the dress in the largest size, which is 22. 
Dress - Lindy Bop||Petticoat - Attitude Clothing||Shoes - Primark||Smile - Models Own :)




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