Feb 4, 2015

May the fierce be with you

Forgive my love of stupid puns and word plays but I'm the kind of person that laughs at her own jokes :D and I thought this title I made up was too funny! Seriously, this will be my new one liner/closing sentence. Trust me, I already got enough "For real, are you serious?!" looks from my husband.

Anyway, today I'm showing you an outfit from the W.O.W. line, one of my faves, the snake print dress. What I like about it most is that you can style this in several ways. I opted for a classy, but fierce look and the addition of these shoes (GIRLLL, don't even get me started about the shoes) and the trench coat give me that desired effect. Because yes, animal prints can look classy too! You can also choose to wear it in a more relaxed way, just as in the lookbook, by adding sneakers for example and a messy bun.

Sidenote: I tried to look fierce in my pictures by not smiling too much but sadly, I just can't pull that off, haha, I just look annoyed and angry. Fierce experts, like Kiah (love her!) make it look so easy! So next time more smiling :)

Dress - c/o Zizzi (W.O.W. collection)||Coat - c/o Zizzi||Shoes - New Look



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