Feb 23, 2015

Relaxed chic

One item I do love to wear, but is very seldom seen on my blog: the hat. I don't know why but for some reason I always forget I have them. And they can do so much for an outfit! It can add instant class, or an instant "feel" to the outfit (e.g.: relaxed mood, boho look, hipster). But when I saw my new favorite boots, I immediately remembered this hat to pair it with. The boots have been one of my go to shoes these days, they're comfortable, cute and warm (and in wide width!).

As for the rest of the outfit, Imma let you in on a secret: if you would try to see past the hat, belt and shoes, it would be my typical perfect outfit for around the house or to relax in. Comfy leggings, a long warm vest... But adding a belt, boots and a hat (told ya!) I give you: "Relaxed Chic!" ^_^
The easiest way everrrr to upgrade your look. Am I the only one who does this? How do you upgrade a relaxed look?

That moment when the wind has no mercy on you, haha
Hat - Primark||Vest - Primark||Leggings - c/o YoursClothing||Boots - c/o YoursClothing||Belt - c/o CarmaKoma



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