Dec 4, 2015


The party season is here!

If you follow me on Snapchat, you would remember that I had 2 quite busy days last week: I flew up and down to Copenhagen (will share that in another post), went back to Amsterdam and spent a glorious day there, shooting a Christmas collection with 5 other bloggers (Els, Hermina, Saskia, Iris and Josine) for MS Mode.

I am so happy they decided to show part of their holiday collection on a group of every day, diverse women, with different body shapes and sizes. We're not models. We're not perfect (actually no one is) and it may help a lot of you to see the clothing on someone your own size. I had a great day, and the lovely girls at MS Mode catered to our every need. Thanks so much for having us! Now, when it comes to photoshoots, what I dislike most is that you're anxious to see the final results and sometimes it takes so long. But man, were these pictures fast! So today, I present you, the results of the shoot! Details on my dress further down in this post.

Photography by: Michiel Maessen, MUA: Stef Ralbovsky

The dress I was wearing, find it HERE

MS Mode is doing such a great job, and today they launched their awesome #CURVEPOWER video with a great message! It's time for us to celebrate all bodies. To love the lines that shape and curve your body. To stand tall and be proud of this gorgeous place that you can call your home. 

And it gets even better: share your #CURVEPOWER moment via Facebook for a chance to win €250 shopping money! 



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