Aug 7, 2015


Blogger collabs and collections with brands always make me happy. Why? Because those times, I just know for sure that I will be drooling over every single thing. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the brands get it nowadays, and offer us a lot of cute styles. But it always warms my heart when one of "our own" gets to speak their mind and brings us just what we're craving for.

If possible*, I always try to get at least one item, to show my support and of course, cause the shit is cute :) This time I was completely surprised because for some reason, I did not know of this collab until a few hours before it hit online already (I actually saw it on Chastity's snapchat). That's actually even better, because it reduces the waiting time if you've really got your eye on something. Anyhoo, Garnerstyle for Rebdolls. A very cute collection with Chastity's signature all over it. I know she loves the nautical look and this dress immediately caught my eye. 

The only down side: when ordering from the US, the customs fees are ridiculous. I paid almost half of the original price of this dress for custom taxes. Let me tell you, the government = maffia.

Back to the dress, I'm very pleased with it but I do have to say that the pictures do not do it justice. I personally thought the dress looked better on me in real life than in these pics. Sometimes it's just hard to capture the complete essence in a photo, that's what we have professional photographers for I guess (No shade to my lovely sis who took these pics btw, she does a great job <3).

*Possible meaning if my wallet allows it and if the brand ships to my country ;)




  1. Wauw, wat een outfit zeg, staat je onwijs mooi! Die jurk valt echt perfect, en hij is zo lekker zomers.. Tof! Liefs Anniek


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