Aug 11, 2015

Zizzi Black Label

Meet Zizzi's newest collection, the Black Label. A collection designed to cater to the curvy and style conscious woman. Zizzi has teamed up once again with Femmes Regionales, that also designed the previous W.O.W. collection. I think they are a great match.

Modeled by the beautiful Ali Tate (I think she's perfect for this lookbook!) I think Zizzi really nailed it. The items are classic, stylish and timeless. Each of them have been designed to be a key piece in your wardrobe that can last you for seasons to come. It is the perfect line to satisfy our luxury workwear needs, as well as chic partylooks. I love the minimalism and the class it radiates.

The collection consists of more than 25 individual items, all designed with a perfect eye for detail. Light wool, lace and brocade are among the fabrics used. The color palette ranges from black to hints of grey, dark blues and ivory white. I have had the honor to try (and own!) several pieces and I can personally vouch for the quality.

Most of the collection will be available today, and a couple of pieces will follow in October. Prices will range from €54,95 to €169,95. Danish customers can shop the collection online via the Zizzi webshop or in selected Zizzi stores, Dutch customers can shop the collection online via Navabi or in the selected Zizzi stores in Amersfoort and Nieuwegein. The rest of the world can shop online via Navabi. So yay for all American Zizzi fans! *snap snap*

Zizzi has already announced (and designed) the Black Label collection for Spring next year! Here's a sneak from the Zizzi instagram page. It will be available in March next year, but more on that later ;)

So, what do you think? Do you see yourself parading around the office, church, parties, just about anywhere in all this goodness?



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  1. These are just outstanding collection!! It looks so formal. I am going to join a corporate event planning firm and these kinds of formal dress would look perfect during client meetings. Isn’t it?


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