Aug 21, 2015

Where's the festival?

I've never been too fond of the tie dye print, until this set came along! It attracted me immediately and kind of reminded me of pretty skies and oceans. The model of the skirt is so cute, y'all know I love a little Angelina leg action here and there ;)

As Summer is holding on for dear life here, and not always being successful might I add, the time to rock utter Summer wear is NOW! I'm doing it while I still can.

This outfit was just SCREAMING for a top bun, some flash tattoos and funky sunglasses (which I'm madly in love with by the way!). This could totally be my Coachella outfit, lol.

Style tip: Looking for lace up sandals but you have bigger calves? Order them anyway and replace the laces with longer ones to adjust them to your calf size. Don't let no one stop you! :) For the Dutchies, HERE'S a store that sells any type of laces imaginable, in any length you want!

Tie Dye skirt and top set (in 3X) - c/o Pink Clubwear||Sandals - New Look (similar here)||Sunglasses - Ebay

This post was done in collaboration with Pink Clubwear, all opinions are my own.




  1. I Love this outfit on you and it fits you like a glove. Enjoy!

  2. Yes, yeees, and YAAAAASSS!!! Slayed me honey! Love the whole ensemble and I'm hanging on to summer as well. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Replies
    1. The link to the website and article is under the last picture.


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