Aug 31, 2015

Split Ends

It's amazing how much a person can change over a period of time. I remember so well that my legs were a part of my body I always covered up. I was okay with knee length skirts but anything showing my legs from the knee up was banned from my closet. I used to hate the way they looked and was ashamed of them. But, with age comes wisdom, with inspiration comes courage and with love comes acceptance (or with acceptance comes love? both work I guess). I could never imagine showing off my legs but since you've known me for a while now, you all know that I'm all here for some leg action! I'm fond of splits in particular; dresses, tops and skirts with a split. Yes! Over here please! Now I can't imagine not showing them off. And no, not because I dropped tons of weight (which I obviously did not) or because I got them all lean and mean at the gym. No, just because I like them now :)

When I was younger I always felt that people that gave me the "yes, now that I'm maturing, I'm really getting to know myself" talks, were full of it. But I guess now, that I'm maturing (ghehe), I can relate. It sounds cliché but it's oh so true. And if you think I'm full of it, read this again in a few years ;)

Enjoy your week loves!

Long shirt with high split - Asos Curve||Shorts - Zizzi||Shoes - &OtherStories||Watch - c/o JORD Wood Watches (review coming soon)



  1. I had that same plight with my arms. I dreaded wearing my arms out, sleeveless was a big NO,NO! But once I truly understood and believed how beautiful my body closet is full of sleeveless & strapless garments.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Good for you! It's so liberating once you reach that point.



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